Meet Jeremy, French Expat in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


Jeremy shared with us his nearly two-year expat experience in Vietnam. Let’s find out more about him!

Interviewer: Hello! Could you give us a short presentation about yourself?

Jeremy: So, my name is Jeremy, I’m French. I have been living in Saigon for about 2 years.

I: Great. Now could you please tell us what you’re doing here in Ho Chi Minh City?

J: I found the company Wisepass, so I work for them as a sales. They do business in Saigon, Hanoï and soon they will install in Bangkok. It’s been great times with them and I met a lot of people so I have many contacts now in Saigon, in food and beverage. It’s a great opportunity for young people like me, I’m just 23 years old. Let’s see how long I will stay here!

I: Do you have a funny story to tell?

J: I think it’s a lifestyle here: it’s raining sometimes, especially during the rainy season. One time I was driving to for a meeting. It was raining so much for one hour, so even with my raincoat I was totally wet. And my meeting was in a small street, there was so much water that I had to call the guy and say “okay we need to cancel because I cannot cross the 50-centimeters water”. That’s really crazy!

I: What is your worst experience in Vietnam?

J: I think you have wifi everywhere so that’s cool but one day I was lost, totally lost and driving around to ask for my place. Yet my prononciation in Vietnamese was reallt bad so I just drove around for about 30′, until I found the gas station that I remembered. I didn’t have any bad experience in Vietnam because if you can speak english, people can speak english as well so they are really helpful.

I: What is your best experience in Vietnam?

J: It was for y birthday, because now I have many contacts many friends. We had my birthday in Spark night club, and thanks to Wisepass and my friends we had like 15 bottles for one night, and we were nearly 40 people so it was like “crazy cray night”.

I: Any surprises?

J: Well.. the most surprising thing was about the size of cockroaches, because in France we don’t have them or they are really small. I was sleeping and I heard something running on the floor, I looked and it was a huge cockroach, I heard just the laze of it. It’s fine, we can just live with them all together! *laughs*

I: What do you miss the most?

J: For sure my family, and my friends my good friends. But you can make good friends here as well. I’m willing to welcome them here, so yeah I miss my friends and I hope they can come here, my family too. Concerning the food, I miss cheese, heavy meals from my mom. If you want to eat Western food it’s really easy to find.

I: Any advice for newcomers?

J: On social networks it’s easy and free, you can find an apartment, a job.. If you now someone here it’s better. In France, we are not so nice to welcome people I think. You have to make Vietnamese friends and use social networks!


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